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Our company professional tree surgeons providing a comprehensive tree and hedge care service including:

Removal of dead wood - for ecological reasons, only major dead wood is usually removed - although a more thorough job can be done if required.

Crown cleaning - removal of larger dead and diseased wood also split or rubbing branches, nests etc.

Crown thinning - removal of selected branches from within the tree crown so as to reduce its overall density.

Crown lifting - removal of lower branches so as to raise the canopy of the tree.
tree felling poole

Crown reduction - reducing the height of the tree crown by an agreed amount, usually 25-30% and shortening relevant lateral branches so as to reshape and balance the tree crown.

Pollarding - the pruning back of young shoots to previous pollard points (usually annually) or severe pruning of the tree crown to primary limb stumps, so as to create a basis for future, regular pruning.

Fruit tree pruning - as and when necessary to keep your trees healthy and fruiting.

Tree felling - is undertaken usually and primarily by section. This is often due to the limited or restricted areas available for such works. We are therefore very able and experienced with the practices involved in these controlled fellings.

Hedge cutting and maintenance - we offer a regular hedge trimming service to keep your hedges looking neat and tidy. We can also reduce overgrown hedge trees into a formed hedge to be regularly managed.

Tree stump removal - is offered as an extra service when and where required. Maybe the tree stumps and / or roots are physically in the way, or the stumps may just be an eyesore. Removal can eliminate re-growth and also reduce the risk of cross-infection by fungal attack.
Access is not usually a problem.

Tree planting - usually carried out between November and March, also supplying quality nursery stock if required.

Tree shear - we can cut up to 10 " with our tree shear which is a good way to reduce an over grown out of control hedge back to a manigable height .

Visual Tree Assessments - we recommend that trees are inspected on an annual basis to help identify any potential problems.
Many trees that may otherwise break or fall, could either be pruned or felled in a safe manner if a serious defect is discovered early enough during a professional tree inspection.




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